Reflections on the Logic of the Good

Liberty, God's Gift
to Humanity

Two Concepts
of Covenant

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A River Went
Out of Eden


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Academic Overture

I felt, even as I was writing Reflections on the Logic of the Good, that while I was being fair to Plato's plan for the good city, I was being unfair to Plato the man and the poet. The ghost of that Plato cried out for justice - or at least for acknowledgment. Academic Overture is my conversation with that ghost - or perhaps with that part of me that deeply values Plato's poetical philosophy.

Pharoah, King of Egypt

A tale of bondage, freedom, redemption, and hope. Two men, Pharaoh and Moses, were raised almost as brothers. One man believes that he is a prophet of God; the other believes that he is a God.

The Oath

Set in the court of William of Normandy during the time he held Harold, the Earl of Wessex, captive. Like Pharaoh, this play is a study of kingship and of the friendship between two very powerful and very different men.

Feivel mit'n Fiddle

Loosely adapted from a fable by I. L. Peretz, Feivel mit'n Fiddle is a love story between a simpleton with a gift for music and an impoverished widow with three children. Although it might be seen as a sort of chassidick four weddings and a funeral, it is about music in the deepest sense. Yiddish folk music and liturgical music are the heart and soul of this play. The violin is the voice of the hero and the voice of God.