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Liberty, God's Gift
to Humanity

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A River Went
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Liberty, God's Gift to Humanity

Liberty: God's Gift to Humanity is a defense of the political philosophy which holds that governments should be established for the protection of individual liberty. Since the 17th century the bond between this political philosophy and religion has been strong. Where and when that bond has been severed, political liberty has withered and religion has become tyrannical. Although libertarians, free market economists, and the Christian right often disagree about the nature of man and the nature of the universe, this work provides a philosophically and historically coherent account of their shared commitment to limited government and individual liberty.

"This book impressively brings together the merits of political liberty, religious liberty, and economic liberty, which few books even attempt because of the complex relations among them. But this book does it and does it well... The author understands the connections among these three dimensions of the human social enterprise and expresses them in a proactive and engaging way."
Derek H. Davis, Baylor University

The book can be purchased from Amazon in Hardback and paperback.